Dangerous Curves is proud to introduce Europe’s most innovative technology

for body contouring and all stages of cellulite reduction!  




It’s one of a kind design combines the ProEllixe oscillating platform with an integrated 

laser lipolysis system which also offers LED and vacuum therapy. 


VibroLight technology allows constant muscle activity, instantaneous mobilization of fats released by adipose cells and lymphatic drainage stimulation, without damaging surrounding tissue and the liver.


Vibrolight simultaneously combines an aesthetic treatment and physical exercise;  the latter indispensable for burning fat and keeping it from depositing again.  Vibrolight  is  effective and safe.  In only a few sessions there is visible and long lasting results.


In only a few minutes, this method increases metabolism, eliminates mobilized fats, disposes fatty deposits, stimulates drainage and reshapes the silhouette.

You aren't FAT

You have FAT




There's a difference

so let VibroLight 

shrink it effortlessly


Prepare to shrink


VibroLight works

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